client testimonials

“You were superb. You really put that evening together in the most sophisticated and wonderful way. I’ve just gotten incredible statements from many of the different people who were there that night. All the work that you did paid off. It was terrific."

Ruth Feder
The MacDowell Colony

“Thank you to you and your team for giving the event such professional and thorough organization.”

Martha Wells
Wildlife Trust

"You were a pleasure to work with. Both Louise and I always felt so confident that you would keep us on track and shoulder most of the burdens for us."

Bridgett Lundy
St. Vincent Catholic Medical Centers

"Thank you so much for your blood, sweat and tears. You were really terrific, and it was such fun to get to know you and work with you, and I really appreciate it so much."

The Very Reverend James P. Morton
The Interfaith Center of New York

"Thank you for everything you did for us. You are excellent at what you do."

Tanya Austin Maccagno
Lenox Hill Hospital

"Thank you for your intelligence, insight, thoughtful criticism and wit."

Jack Wrangler
The Johnny Mercer Foundation

"We appreciate your enormous energy."

William J. Slack
Brown University

"Poor Scott! What will you do for an encore? What a sensational evening! Many, many, many thanks!"

Helen Tucker
The MacDowell Colony

"Your professionalism, distinctively hard work ethic and enthusiasm will continue to keep you at the top of your game."

Gabrielle Berberich
Easter Seals New York
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